Reese Witherspoon Hair Images

reese witherspoon blonde hairreese witherspoon blonde hair

reese witherspoon short hairreese witherspoon short hair

reese witherspoon long hair
reese witherspoon long hair with brown colours

The inspiration

As soon as I can get an image, I'll definitely post! Regis even said she has amazing hair, and asked her if she's ever had a bad hair day.

Definitely true. Who can forget this look:

I also love her ponytail in this photo. She makes it look classy and fun!

I'm definitely a fan of longer hair, but I like this shorter look on Reese and I like the slight waves.

I also LOVED some of her looks from Walk the Line as June Carter. I've been trying to find this one image, but can't so this will have to do. But I think she looks good as a brunette and I really love her makeup!

Or my hair idol, Reese Witherspoon's wavy 'do.

Photo from
1. Due to summer coming and warm weather being here I want to lighten my hair a little but not get my whole head dyed. So I was thinking of doing highlights but in a light brown, sort of like how Lauren Conrad's hair looks. My hair color is close to Lauren's.

Wavy Hair with Straight Bangs


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